Have a office function, group meetings or even just too busy at work to get out of the office? We can bring a nice healthy lunch to you. There are minimum requirements and we require at least 24hours, to make sure we don't double book orders and have staff to deliver.

Breakfast and Morning Tea

A variety of freshly baked breads

Oregano and Cheese Manoush $4
Spinach and Cheese Triangles $5
Banana Breads and Muffins $4 per piece
Mixed Wraps $7 per person
Salad Bowls $5 per person
Dip Platters $5 per person
Veggie/Antipasto $4 per person
Individual Mixed Plates from $10 per person
Chicken and Lamb Kafta Skewers $4 a piece
Finger Food Cheese Triangles, Lamb Sambousic, Lamb Kebbah and Veggie Pumkin Kebbah and Falafels from $1 per piece.
Fruit Platters $5 per person
Baklava $2 per person

Please send us a enquiry and we are happy to work with you to make your catering the right choice, as well as catering for any dietary requirements and budgets.


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254 Abercrombie St

Darlington NSW 2008

Phone: (02) 9090 2876